Hotline Miami 2 gameplay video offers an unsettling first look at the gory sequel

Following on from Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number's expectedly violent teaser trailer is a particularly unsettling first glimpse of the sequel proper, filmed off-screen at this weekend's Rezzed expo by VG247 . As you might expect, the actual goon-killing doesn't appear to have changed too much from the original game, but the story seems fascinating, and there are couple of songs from the sure-to-be-excellent new soundtrack featured too.

Powerful, shocking, miserable stuff. In related news, Eurogamer's cracking Hotline Miami 2 preview has dug up some more info about the game. There will be Super Meat Boy-style Hard versions of each stage, accessible by achieving a score of C+ or above. Also, as you may have noticed from the video, the character in the Tiger mask will no longer be able to pick up weapons (however, they can still kill people with a single punch). The new Zebra mask, meanwhile, will allow you to leap through windows - something zebras are particularly famous for.

Tom Sykes

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