Honkai: Star Rail safe password for the Haunted House

Honkai: Star Rail safe password - Huohuo
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Working out the Honkai: Star Rail safe password in the new Luofu Myths quest is surprisingly tricky, but you'll need to either find it out yourself or ask Sushang for a hint if you want to complete the mission. Version 1.5 is packed with little puzzles like this as you explore the Fyxestroll Garden on the Luofu, as well as its many mazes, riddles, and treasures.

The Haunted House safe password is definitely the most difficult, though, especially if you're the type of player who's determined to do it yourself. Either way, here's the safe code you need for the quest, plus a brief explanation of why it is what it is.

Honkai: Star Rail safe password

The safe password for the Luofu Myths: Haunted House quest is:

  • 1328

Before you're able to enter the password, you'll first need to look around and use the rubbing paper item on the stone pillar near the entrance, as this will give you the info necessary to open the safe. It's worth noting that if you enter the wrong password a few times, you'll have the option to talk to Sushang. She'll explain how you could've used the info provided to get the correct code.

The riddle you're given to open the safe is:

  • M is 71839
  • N is 7193
  • V is 183
  • The safe password is T

You might be looking for a pattern in those numbers, but the answer is actually far simpler. If you count out each number on the 3x3 numbered grid you're entering the password into, you'll spell those letters. This helps you determine that to draw a T on the grid, you'd need to enter 1328. Whether you solved it or not, now you've opened the safe you can finish the quest.

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