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Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 livestream codes - The Trailblazers
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Honkai: Star Rail livestream codes are freebies that miHoYo gives away with each new version livestream. These code-based bundles contain credits, XP materials, and most importantly, Stellar Jade that you can use to help pull the newly announced characters when the next update drops. In version 1.2 it looks like we've got two new characters in the form of the long-awaited five-star Stellaron Hunter, Kafka, and the four-star Wildfire boxer, Luca, both of whom were teased on Twitter during the past version. 

It's worth noting that, in comparison to the regular Honkai: Star Rail codes that release throughout the year, these livestream freebies usually expire within a day, so you've got to be relatively quick if you want to redeem them. I'll add each 1.2 livestream code to the list as it goes live, plus there's some info lower down detailing the two methods you can use to redeem codes.

Honkai: Star Rail codes - All current livestream Stellar Jade

  • 7B6B7GBZTVTB - 100 Stellar Jade, 50,000 credits
  • MSPT7HAZTCTX - 100 Stellar Jade, five Traveler's Guide
  • 5TPBPGAGBDAK - 100 Stellar Jade, four Refined Aether

How to redeem Honkai: Star Rail codes 

To redeem your codes you'll need to have completed the initial section before you choose your character, but otherwise, there are two ways you can do it. The first is through the website:

  • Open the miHoYo code redemption site
  • Log in and choose your region
  • Enter a code into the box
  • Collect your rewards from the in-game mailbox

You can also redeem codes through the game once you have access to the phone menu:

  • Open the menu
  • Select the three dots next to your avatar image
  • Click 'Redemption Code'
  • Enter a code and click redeem
  • Grab your rewards from the mailbox
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