Hollow Knight's OST gets vinyl release with super slick sleeve artwork

Hollow Knight caught me by surprise when it launched earlier this year. Its whimsical characters and familiar cartoon-like aesthetic masked a deep and engaging platformer that I didn't want to end. Tom Marks loved it and its soundtrack—the latter of which is in-line for a vinyl release.  

From the folks at Ghost Ramp—whose past game-to-record projects include Darkest Dungeon, Crypt of the Necrodancer and Nuclear Throne—Hollow Knight's 2x LP Limited Edition vinyl is due next year. When it lands it'll come with some uber-cool and suitably monochromatic sleeve art, unique picture discs and of course the game's music composed by Christopher Larkin. 

In his review, Tom Marks describe the game's score as "sullen but energetic" and "exceptional, pairing each area with an orchestral soundtrack that perfectly sets the mood."

Check out that artwork:

Hollow Knight's vinyl edition is due in "Q2 2018"—preorders cost $40 if that's your cup of tea. In the meantime, check out Andy's chat with founder Nathan Williams and label manager Patrick McDermott.