Nuclear Throne's soundtrack to be released on vinyl with awesome sleeve art

"Videogame music is as much a part of the discography of our lives as any other LP, and indie game music has transcended the 16-bit throwback vibe so much lately," said Patrick McDermott of Californian record label Ghost Ramp while chatting to Andy earlier this year. According to McDermott, Ghost Ramp's raison d'être is to portray game composers as artists in their own right, and as such has set out to launch videogame soundtracks on vinyl—the company's first major game-to-vinyl release being Crypt of the Necrodancer.   

Now, Vlambeer's top-down shooter-meets-roguelike Nuclear Throne is in line for similar treatment, with composer Jukio "Kozilek" Kallia's work being transformed to record-form, boasting the following ultra-cool sleeve art: 

The artwork featured above comes courtesy of Justin Chan, with vinyls being sold in both Limited and Special Editions. Full details on what each package offers can be found via the Ghost Ramp store, however expect extra goodies such as stickers, enamel pins and digital download keys. 

Shipping in May of 2017, the Nuclear Throne vinyl costs either $40 or $50, depending on whether you vouch for its Limited or Special Edition. Preorders are available now if that's your thing.