Hitman’s sixth Elusive Target will have you seeing double

Hitman’s latest Elusive Target befalls sunny Sapienza and, as always, you’ve got 72 hours to get the job done. As you’ve no doubt come to expect by now, you’ve got just one shot to hit the mark or it’s game over (well, contract over), however there’s a twist in the tale this time round: the target has an identical twin and under no circumstances are you to take out the wrong one. 

The immaculately (and identically) dressed duo are known as Dylan and Gonzales Narvaez—two tobacco billionaires operating from mainland China. You’re after the former, and you’ve got until 1pm BST/5am PT Monday to make it happen. 

Over to you, contract handler Diana:

“Elusive Targets were designed to be difficult,” reads the announcement post on the official Hitman site. “And ‘The Twin’ is the toughest one yet.” Happy hunting.