Hitman 5 clues include film festivals and mysterious photographs


A team of forumites have been hunting down a series of mysterious leads that seem to point to the existence of Hitman 5. A Hitman fan started following up on comments by IO Interactive's community manager on the Hitman forums. This led him to an ad on the Sundance Film Festival site. He emailed the person who put the ad up, and in response received a photograph of a Hitman script next to a pair of Agent 47's black gloves. Put on your detective hat and head below to see the image, and some of the clues contained within.

Posters on the Hitman forum immediately got to work deciphering the blurry text, pulling out lines like "Hitman checks himself in a mirror. The iconic Hitman" and "Gameplay: the player deals with two guards outside of the [obscured]." A quick zoom on the image reveals the number on the barcode on the sheet of paper behind the script. 640509-040147, Agent 47's number.

The address of the emailer who sent the image was youareontherighttrack@gmail.com, and he signed off with "Greetings from Berlinale," referencing the Berlin film festival. If it's real, this is one complex set of clues. You can read the story so far, and follow the progress of the Hitman community's detective work on the Hitman forums .

Tom Senior

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