Hitman 2 is getting loads of costumes and missions for Halloween

Hitman 2's enigmatic Agent 47 adores dressing up, so Halloween is a very special time of year for him. This year, IO Interactive is keeping him pretty busy, but there will still be time for costumes, as well as tricks and scares across the month. 

October's first event begins today in Miami with the Riviera Restoration Escalation Contract, followed by a three-part Escalation in Mumbai on October 10, netting you the Imperial Classic with Gloves outfit, previously only unlockable through an Elusive Target. Then, on October 11, the Warlord will be returning in the month's only Legacy Elusive Target.

(Image credit: IO Interactive)

The spooky shenanigans finally begin on October 17, when IO will show off this month's community-created contracts, all with a trick or treat theme. Submissions for the contracts ends on October 14.

The Halloween Escalation Contract, coming on October 22, is still a mystery, but players are promised two rewards. You'll be able to take it for a spin whenever you want, too, as it will be a permanent fixture. On the same day, Legacy Challenge Packs will slip into Hitman 2, giving owners of the Legacy Pack a trio of challenges to complete, each of them unlocking an outfit and weapon. Complete them all and Agent 47 will have everything he needs if someone finally invites him to a Halloween party.

October 25's Elusive Target is a serial killer in Whittleton Creek, followed by the chance to becoming a slasher movie villain in the Hawke's Bay challenge pack on October 31. Hokkaido and Sapienza Legacy Escalations will be appearing on the same day, if you've got a hankering to relive two of the last game's best missions. 

Expect more details about the Halloween Escalation Contract during IO's livestream on October 21, the day before the mission appears. It's shaping up to be another full month of murder and costume changes. 

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