Hitman 2 celebrates its first birthday with a month of new content

(Image credit: IO Interactive)

The highlight of Hitman 2's November roadmap was undoubtedly the revelation that IO Interactive is working on the next game in the Hitman franchise, but there's plenty of other murdery goodness in there. This month will feature the most new, free content the game has seen since it launched a year ago.

The first addition arrives today in the form of two Legacy Escalations: The Teague Temptation, set in Paris, and The Bahadur Dexterity in Marrakesh. These are are five-stage scenarios that each has a unique set of requirements to complete. Players will also find a new challenge pack called Breaking and Entering for the Whittleton Creek map, which unlocks an ICA titanium crowbar as a loadout option. It works just like a normal crowbar, but it's shinier.

On November 14, players will see two Legacy Challenge Packs arrive in Hitman 2. There's Master Fortune Teller in Marrakesh, which unlocks the TAC-4 S/A Desert skin, and the Art of Revenge in Hokkaido, which unlocks the Masamune katana. You can also look forward to The Montague Audacity escalation contract in Santa Fortuna that day, as well as several featured contracts created by the Hitman community.

November 19 will see two more Legacy Escalations, the Arthin Occultation in Bangkok and the Szilassi Darkness in Sapienza. Blake's Endeavor on the Isle of Sgail is a new challenge pack that arrives alongside these, and completing it unlocks the Arkian Tuxedo outfit for Agent 47. Two Legacy Challenge packs are also arriving on the 19th: Plumber's Apprentice and Master Sniper, both set in Sapienza. These unlock the claw hammer and Jaeger 7 Covert rifle respectively. That date will also see the release of Hitman 2's November game update, which will include various fixes and tweaks.

The Fixer, a Legacy Elusive Target, will follow all this on November 22. He's a tricky fellow, and IO says he's got the lowest clear rate of all the Elusive Targets to date. 

Rounding out the month are three more Escalations: The three-stage McCallister Ransack in Whittleton Creek, the increasingly complicated Quimby Quandary on the Isle of Sgail, and the improbably-named Bartholomew Hornswaggle on Haven Island. This last one unlocks the Buccaneer outfit for 47, which includes a tricorn captain's hat and the requisite eyepatch.

Even as IO ramps up production on the next Hitman game, the studio has made sure to keep current players busy. The studio will hold a livestream November 18 to talk more about what's in store for the series. If you're not playing Hitman 2, well, why aren't you? It's very good.