How to get warp discs and farm warp crystals in High on Life

High on Life warp disc for Cutie Town
(Image credit: Squanch Games)

High on Life warp discs are collectibles you can buy that open access to a bunch of little secret areas and easter eggs. In true Rick and Morty fashion, activating each of these warp discs is like stepping through a portal into some weird slice of an alternate reality; from a town filled with tiny people to your very own trolley problem. One of them even lets you watch the entire Demon Wind movie if you feel like taking time out from all that cartel murdering. 

If you visit all warp disc locations, you can get the 'Seeing All the Sights' achievement for your trouble. Speaking of achievements: make sure you stab Gene when you can if you want to collect them all. Either way, here's how to get High on Life warp discs as well as farm warp crystals to purchase them.

Where to find warp discs 

Once Ranchy gives you the warp remote during the Krubis bounty hunt, you'll be able to purchase warp discs from Blorto's Kiosk in Blim City. This food stand is close to your house so is quite easy to spot. Blorto sells six different warp discs in exchange for warp crystals, each of which can be laid down in a highlighted blue zone for a little fun: 

  • Cutie Town: A miniature town that you may or may not be able to crush
  • Movie Theater: Lets you watch the full Demon Wind movie and gives an achievement
  • Skate Park: A skateboarding mini-game
  • Trolley Tracks: The trolley problem
  • Toilet Warp: A pipe puzzle similar to the one in the Douglas bounty hunt
  • Quiet Cottage: Just a nice cottage with some chests

If you want to see how it works but don't have enough warp crystals yet, you can buy the Cutie Town disc for free and lay it down at the blue warp point near Zephyr Paradise Upper Valley portal. You can teleport there using the second tab in the Bounty 5,000 computer.  

How to farm warp crystals 

High on Life warp crystal in a warp drive

Clearing the cave Mytes lets you repeatedly claim this crystal (Image credit: Squanch Games)

To buy warp discs you need warp crystals, which come from clearing G3 Cartel outposts of enemies and then extracting the crystal from a nearby warp drive. There are warp crystals to be claimed in every G3 Cartel bounty hunt, so just by playing the game, you should be able to purchase a fair few warp discs. However, there is currently one warp crystal you can farm in Zephyr Paradise: 

  • Head to the Upper Valley portal in Zephyr Paradise
  • Jump onto the highway bridge with the swearing drivers and go right into the cave 
  • Use the bug to grapple across the gap and head left up the stairs
  • Kill all of the Mytes in the cave
  • Exit by the Luglox chest where an Armored Myte spawns (kill that, too)
  • Shoot the green light to open the platforms and jump back across to your starting area
  • Climb onto the roof of the little building near the portal to claim a warp crystal
  • Leave through the portal and repeat

There is every chance that this is a bug so it might be patched out before too long. If you do want to farm some warp crystals without having to worry about finding them in-game, I'd do it sooner rather than later. 

Sean Martin
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