Heroes of the Storm offers bonus XP and new bundles for Halloween

Heroes of the Storm Hallow's End event

Halloween is coming, as you may already have noted, and to celebrate Blizzard is holding a Hallow's End Event for Heroes of the Storm. Beginning at 10 am PT on October 27 and running until 10 am PT on November 3, players will earn an additional 50 percent experience from any games that award XP, and winning 25 games prior to the end of the event will bring home the new Jack-O-Lantern portrait.

Two new bundles are also up for grabs: The Hallow's End Bundle, with Falstad and the new Buccaneer Falstad Skin and Headless Horseman's Charger Mount, and the Hallow's End Ultimate Bundle, which includes those three items plus Kerrigan, the Countess Kerrigan Skin, Abathur, and the Skelethur Abathur Skin. The Hallow's End Bundle is $21, while the Hallow's End Ultimate Bundle will set you back $53.

The Heroes of the Storm Hallow's End Event begins, as far as I can tell, with the start of the bonus XP week on October 27, and runs until November 17.

Andy Chalk

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