Unreal Tournament gets spooky Halloween update

Unreal Tournament Halloween update

Unreal Tournament sure seems to have a lot going on for a game that's not even in full alpha. The fan-favorite CTF map Facing Worlds was added last month, and now there's a Halloween update that includes time-limited unlocks and special content including offline challenges, seasonal leader hats, and Spooky Face. Spooky!

Spooky Face is not actually a spooky face, but rather a "twisted take" on the Facing Worlds map, with pumpkins and the "Boom Broom!" Collecting 6666 pumpkins will earn you the Pumpkin Fiend mask, which you can keep after the season ends, while gathering up the skulls of dead enemies will net you the Harvest Gourd at 200 skulls, the Harvest Spectre at 1000, and the Harvest Ember at 5000. Rewards for completing offline challenges include the Trickster horns, the Hellion horns, and the Baaler horns.

The Halloween content is part of an update released yesterday that makes more conventional changes like improvements to the tutorial, weapon balance tweaks, better support for custom content downloads, improved server admin support, and a goodly number of smaller changes and fixes. A full breakdown of the Halloween update can be found at the Unreal Engine Wiki. Halloween goes live on October 31.

Andy Chalk

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