Here's what the PC Gamer forum is chatting about this week

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This week in the PC Gamer forums, Doom Eternal has finally released and graced our screens with its bloody gore, a selection of games have lifted our spirits, the community has contributed to the Folding@home project, and the very important question was asked: would you like a Matrix-inspired brain-machine interface?

The PC Gamer forums are a great way to chat with people about your shared love of everything PC related. Want some game recommendations, feedback on your PC build, or stuck on a game and need some advice? Hop on over and start a discussion, there might be others who are thinking the same.

Here's what the forum has been chatting about this week:

Doom Eternal

id Software has unleashed a monster of a shooter with Doom Eternal. Finally, the intense and stressful FPS has hit our screens and we've loved every second of it. In our Doom Eternal review, James described it as, "a celebration of excess. Excess in sin, in violence, scale, speed, and volume. I've never played a shooter this intense and demanding." 

James also did an AMA thread on the forums answering questions about his time spent with the game. From reading James' review, Eternal is pretty ruthless so we've written up some Doom Eternal tips, as well as guides for how to access all the Slayer Gates and how to collect all the runes

Question: What are the biggest differences from Doom 2016, good and bad? Also, what would you like to see them add either in DLC or in the next DOOM game?XSociety

Answer: The resource management and overall feeling while playing. You're getting pulled in every direction by your quickly depleting resources nonstop, be it health, ammo, or shields, and keeping them topped off while pulling off perfect headshots and aerial manoeuvres means you're spinning more plates at once, all the time. It's a much more desperate, stressful vibe than the last game, which might turn some folks off, but I love it.PCG James

Here's a link to the thread.

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Games of Joy - Your Reccommendations?

Jpishgar started a thread asking for the communities recommendations for games that bring fun and spread joy. In their own words, "Games like BroForce - stupid joy. Or serene and light contemplatives like Stardew Valley." There have been some great suggestions in the thread and for those who interested, we have two lists on the website: relaxing games on PC and a funniest, silliest, most uplifting games on PC

I've done The Stanley Parable and that was a great time. Awesome to hear it's free to nab on Epic right now. I may head back into Saints Row and finish up those DLC packs for a nice mindless stint of fun.—jpishgar

Maybe ABZU or Starbound could be of interest. I find Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night to be quite relaxing. Jump around, hit stuff and upgrade weapons and skills in a visually stunning world with an awesome soundtrack and kick-ass bosses.—Frindis

Here's the thread if you want any recommendations.


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The PC Gamer Folding@Home Team

The PC Gamer community staff have created a folding@home team. The Stanford University project allows anyone to donate spare processing cycles from your computers CPU and GPU to work out complex calculation as part of a research network. The idea is for your computer to collectively fold proteins as part of a team helping researchers hopefully discover a cure for the coronavirus. 

If you want to join the PC Gamer team, there are instruction pinned to the top of the thread alongside a FAQ. 

This is your chance to help combat these illnesses and all it takes on your part is leaving the program running while you’re asleep or at work! Every contribution will help in advancing treatments and, hopefully, will eventually lead to cures.JSimenhoff

Here's the thread.  

Andy Kelly's setup

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Working from home? Show us your setup!

When the PC Gamer forums first launched, Stevie (sward) started a thread asking community members to post pictures of their PC setups. That same thread is still going strong with photos of people's working-from-home battle stations. Looking through everyone's PC photos makes me want to spruce up my setup, luckily, we also have a handy guide on the website with advice on how to build a perfect home office that's also great for gaming

Monitor on the far left is a 4K LG monitor for my Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch and Xbox 360. The large middle monitor is the same model 4K LG monitor for my PC and the two smaller monitors are 1080p ASUS monitors for Discord and other things while I game.—PioneerRaptor

My first custom loop! Was quite proud of myself after finishing the build. My wallet said "Never again" but what does it know?zSCHIZOz

Here's the thread with all the photos and their specs.

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Is there a game you like watching but don't play?

With a lot more people staying at home, this mid-week question by Chris asks what games you love watching but not playing, saying that Apex Legends is his go-to. For me, I love watching speed runs of Hotline Miami. I only wish that I could have the same precision and execution as the players who sweep through those adrenaline-pumping levels. Comments in the thread mention Escape from Tarkov, any kind of strategy game, PUBG, and more. 

Strategy games. Online multiplayer to be exact. I'm generally naff at them playing on normal difficulty and the SP alone taxes me. Add all the commands you need to learn and the amount of things you have to pay attention to just puts me off. It's probably why I like World in Conflict so much.—Johnway

I mainly watch streams of competitions or games that I play but at a much higher level than I can achieve eg. CSGO or hearthstone. Sometimes I'll watch a playthrough of a game that I probably wouldn't have played (eg. Shadow of the Colossus on PS4).Alm

Here's the thread.  

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How would you like a machine-brain interface?

Jody's weekend question is inspired by Gabe Newell's comment this week about the Matrix being closer to reality than people realise. In the interview, Valve's CEO talked about Half-Life: Alyx, the future of gaming, and post-brain-interfaces. Would you want a machine interface inside your brain? 

Definitely an exciting prospect, but really far-fetched. Right now, I don't think there's any need for a brain interface anyway, current VR feels like a paradigm shift in the way people are gaming in the same way 3D superseded 2D. Certainly, the Oculus S is immersive enough to trick my brain into thinking I'm clinging to a cliff on the Matterhorn, or a T-Rex is going to eat me.—Biggly

I think it's still a lot further away than he thinks. Anyway, no, I do not want a brain-machine interface. Just give me a better home network so when I ask Alexa to turn on the table lamp I don't get "I'm having trouble connecting to the internet right now" half the time.I Will Haunt You

Here's the thread.

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