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Fancy a bit of a challenge? You can find Doom Eternal Slayer Keys tucked away in some of the missions and use them to unlock Slayer Gates. These challenges are intense encounters featuring tough waves of demons. If you happen to burn through your ammo and extra lives they are not replenished, making these a true test of your Slayer skills. 

There are six Slayer Keys and Gates in total and while these are hidden away, they're visible as the purple circle and key-shaped markers on your map. Upon completion of a Slayer Gate challenge, you pick up a Doom Eternal Empyrean Key. Collecting all six of these awards you a special prize, and while we're happy to help you out with the hard part of acquiring this item, we won't spoil what it is. 

Let's cover how you find each Doom Eternal Slayer Gate location, and its corresponding Slayer Key. Thankfully, they're always close to one another. It's time to dive into a selection of intense battles and get your hands on that prize. Here's where to find every Slayer Gate and Slayer Key per mission.  

Where to find the Doom Eternal Slayer Keys and Gates

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Gate: After hopping across the floating platforms over the lava, use the jump pad to reach the wall and climb to the top. The Slayer Gate is visible on a ledge on your right.

Key: Starting from the Slayer Gate, walk forward and take out the enemies on each of the ledges. Climb the highest ledge and turn around: directly ahead you will see a dash refill. Jump and dash across, using the refill to make it to the opposite ledge. The Slayer Key is visible on a chained platform below.

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Cultist Base

Gate: This is located in the same room as the large crucified demon, directly opposite it.

Key: From the Slayer Gate, head to the opposite side of the room (with the breakable wall). Walk to the left side and peer over the edge to find the climbable wall below the floor on which you're standing. 

Next, drop down and grab onto the wall. Turn around and use your jump and dash to reach the monkey bars, which will launch you to another wall. Turn and look down the corridor ahead. Jump and dash, using the dash refill to reach the high wall at the end. Climb right to the top and turn to jump to the ledge opposite. Use the monkey bar to propel yourself forward into the room with the Slayer Key.

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Super Gore Nest

Gate: Stand on the large platform where you place the keys, and turn away from it. Below, on the left is a grey platform of broken pipes (two floors below the 'Vorus Technologies' sign). The Gate is tucked away at the end of the pipes, but it'll be locked off until you eliminate all nearby demons.   

Key: Place the Blue Gore Key at the altar before searching for the Slayer Key, then head to the area in which you started. There's a large, fleshy structure in the middle with blue markings on its entrances. 

Now, walk over to each entrance to open it and use the jump pad. While airborne, look around to see a tall, pink climbable wall ahead. Jump and dash over to the wall and climb to the top. Head through another entrance with blue markings and drop through the floor to take out a Pinky. Drop down one more floor to acquire shields, a Sentinel Battery and the Slayer Key. 

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Arc Complex

Gate: The Gate is visible from the Convention Center lobby area, on a platform that's broken away. If you already have the Key, simply jump and dash from the key ledge to the Slayer Gate, situated on the platform on the right.  

Key: Starting on the bottom floor of the Convention Center lobby, pull yourself up onto the next floor. You should now be standing next to the broken window with the monkey bar outside. 

Then, take the stairs on the left of the broken window. Jump and dash over to the climbable wall on the middle pillar. Climb to the top of the wall and jump to stand on the rafters in the middle of the room. Finally, walk along the beams and jump over to the ledge to pick up your loot. 

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Mars Core

Gate: This is in the Union Aerospace building that you enter after jumping across the fractured platforms outside (towards the end of the mission). After using the jump pad to reach the building, turn right and jump around the corner to enter the building. You'll see lots of Tentacles and the Slayer Key just out of reach. The Gate is in your right. 

Key: From the Slayer Gate, head back into the main room where the key is visible: turn to face it. Turn left into the operations room and press the button on the control panel.  Take out all the enemies that appear in the next room so they don't bother you.

Next, walk back into the main room to see a platform rising in front of the red-windowed wall at the back. Hop onto the platform, then jump and melee the breakable vent on the right. Continue through the vent and turn right to nab the key. 

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Taras Nabad 

Gate: Complete the second lights puzzle using the switches on the left and right sides of the arena to angle the lights on the symbol on the floor. Take the elevator down to the area that looks like a sewer. Exit the elevator and take the first left to find the Slayer Gate. 

Key: First you need to complete the second irradiated water puzzle. So, to do that, grab the rad suit, jump into the water and dash at the breakable green wall. This drains some of the water. Refill your rad suit, jump back into the water and swim round to the open doorway, then up to the surface. Pull yourself up on the ledge, refill your suit and shoot the green target ahead. 

Drop back into the water and dash at the green breakable wall that is now visible ahead of you to drain the remainder of the water. Melee the block, climb onto it and then turn to dash and grab onto the small climbable wall in the corner. 

Stand on the window ledge above and shoot the green target ahead to open the gate below. Follow the corridor around and bear left at the end, ignoring the main quest marker for now. Walk up the slope on the left to find the Slayer Key.

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So you have the Doom Eternal Empyrean Keys. What's next?

Successfully completing a Slayer Gate awards three weapon points with which to upgrade your arsenal, and an Empyrean Key. There are six Empyrean Keys to collect and you can cash them in on your ship. From the main room in the Fortress of Doom go down through the main door, then down three flights of stairs. 

Your reward is here, but we don't want to spoil it for you. For now, congratulations on some stellar ripping and tearing, and enjoy your hard-earned reward.

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