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This week in the PC Gamer forums, the new PCG hardware team introduce themselves, Zotac Gaming is giving away a GPU, a discussion on gaming genres that we just can't get into, and an ongoing thread of free PC games.

The PC Gamer forum is a great place to chat with others about anything to do with PC gaming. We've got discussions ranging from shooters, RPGs and real-time strategies, to threads about industry news, PC builds, and game walkthroughs.

Here's what's been happening on the forum this week:

The genre struggle is real

Krud has started a thread asking the community if there was a genre or game series we wished we liked but just couldn't get into. Krud says that they've always wanted to get into epic strategy games like Europa Universalis IV, but just can't work up the motivation to get past the learning curve. Do you have any genres that fit the bill? Let us know in the thread.

JRPGs. I love western RPGs. Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, etc. Can't get enough. I just can't get into JRPG. I try to force myself because there are so many out there and they look so cool. But typically I can't get into the gameplay.Topher

Fighting games. I want to get into them and be able to hold my own but frankly I'm rubbish at them. Can't get the moves right, there's a lot of technical stuff that i don't understand or didn't realize and frankly its too late to "get good" at them.—Johnway

Here's the thread.

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Meet the new PCG hardware team

There are a few new, old, and returning faces on PC Gamer in the form of our newly formed hardware team. Dave, Alan, Jacob, Jorge, and Paul will continue PCG's dedication to honest, expert, and entertaining coverage of what's happening in the world of hardware. If you would like to know more about the new team, head over to the thread and say hi. Dave is in the comments answering any questions you may have.

We promise never to talk down to you, and to explain hardware in terms that always matter to your gaming experience. We're all PC gaming geeks, experts in our field, and you can be sure we love the games just as much as the technology and the brilliant minds that bring our rigs to life.—PCGDave

Here's the thread.

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The free games list

This list, originally started by Frindis back in January, is an ongoing thread about games that are currently available to play for free. The PCG community is great at keeping up with storefronts from all over the web, including the weekly free games on the Epic Store, Steam, Ubisoft Store, and GOG. Now that we all have extra time on our hands for more games, this is a great way of staying up to date with freebies.

Latest update: Rayman Legends: Standard Edition free until 03.04. One Drop Bot free until 07.04.Frindis 

Over at good ol Epic. Hob, Gone Home, Drawful 2. All free until the 9th of April.IndecentLouie

Here is the thread.

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Win a Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 in our giveaway

Our most recent forum giveaway is the Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 2070. It's a GPU that packs 8GB GDDR6 RAM and 1170 MHz boost clock. Zotac will also throw in a bunch more stuff for whoever wins, including a coat, umbrella, mouse pad and more. You need to sign in and leave a comment saying what you've been doing at home to keep busy. Make sure you read all the details and conditions in the post before entering.

Since I am nerdy introvert, not much changed for me. I still sit for unhealthy hours at my PC and either code, learn or game. The only difference lately is that I am being more and more worried about some of my hardware starting showing signs of "I am so done with all of this" and I am piss poor T_TOsaX Nymloth

I’m still working as a truck driver but to take stress off I play Apex, Modern Warfare, Insurgency Sandstorm on my PC when I’m home. It’s definitely a way to relax.—Birthofthecruel

Here's the competition.

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Weekend Question: What series should you start by skipping the first one?

This weekend's question asks the community which gaming series is it okay to skip the first, and maybe even the second game? Jody mentions in the thread that many video game series have improved as they have gone on, so which one do you think is worth jumping straight into the middle of? Put your answers in the thread and they could appear in an article on the website.

Doom. You can really just start with any game and its all fun no matter where that start is. Also, fighting games, like any fighting game. You dont need to know the prequel to understand that you have to beat your opponent to death lol.—DXCHASE

In truth, the first Witcher is a fine game, but it lacks the polish and accessibility of its sequels. If all the popularity of The Witcher 3 and the Netflix series has piqued your interest, I would consider The Witcher 2 a fine boarding point.XoRn

Here is the thread.

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