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Here's what Red Dead Redemption 2 looks like on lower than the lowest settings

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a gorgeous moustache and horsenut simulator you may have heard of. It's a real pretty looking game, with some intimidatingly high specs. And that's why the YouTube cowboy who calls himself The LowSpec Gamer has ridden down from the ranges to find ways to get Red Dead 2 running on potato PCs.

As he explains in the video, it'll take modders to really unearth all the possibilities, but until then just messing with the system.xml file in your Red Dead Redemption 2 > Settings folder can result in some pretty drastic changes. Forget about rendering moustaches, these people don't even have faces. They look more like characters from Totally Accurate Battle Simulator than the latest Rockstar budget-blowout extravaganza. At the lower-than-lowest settings horses lose all detail and wagons straight-up vanish.

Check out the video to see how it's done and enjoy Arthur Morgan looking like Edward Carnby from Alone in the Dark.

Jody Macgregor
Jody is that guy who will try to convince you to play some indie game you've never heard of with a name like Extreme Meatpunks Forever. He is also on a doomed quest to play every Warhammer game.