Here's what Fire Pro Wrestling World is bringing to Steam Early Access

Announced at GDC back in March, Fire Pro Wrestling World marks the return of the enduring decades-spanning rasslin' series this time with Spike Chunsoft at the helm. It's without a concrete launch date as yet, however is expected to land on PC, via Early Access, at some point in the first half of this year. And we now have an idea of what it'll bring with it when it does. 

As reported by Hachima Kikou, and translated and reported by Gematsu, Fire Pro Wrestling World will enter Early Access with the following game modes and so-called 'Gameplay Rules': 

Game Modes

  • Offline Play
  • Online Play
  • Edit Mode

Gameplay Rules 

  • Normal Match
  • Steel Cage Deathmatch
  • Electric Current Blast Deathmatch
  • Land Mine Blast Deathmatch
  • Battle Royale
  • Mixed Martial Arts Rules

I'm not entirely sure what they involve, but both Electric Current and Land Mine Blast Deathmatch modes sound like they could give even the likes of Mick Foley a run his money. Gematsu also reports the game will include a number of new maneuvers such as the turn-around short range lariat, the pole-shift flowsion, and the twist-style pulldown face buster. 

Again, no hard launch date for Fire Pro Wrestling World just yet, but its Steam page suggests a "Q2, 2017" arrival.