Here's that Grand Theft Auto Teletubbies crossover video you ordered…

GTA Teletubbies

My first encounter with Teletubbies occurred some years ago, when my sister put it on TV to distract and pacify my young, noisy nephew during a family function. I don't recall him being all that taken by it, but I—and my dad—watched for well over an hour. It was hypnotic. I can't remember much about it now aside from a nice lady with a soothing voice and maybe learning a little about how something is made. I am quite confident, however, that there were no brutal carjackings.

The brilliance of this Grand Theft Teletubbies video, therefore, is that it's tonally spot-on, as you can see in this side-by-side comparison video, until right around the halfway mark, when Tinky-Winky gets his ass kicked by Dipsy, and Po absolutely rocks Laa-Laa with what I'm pretty sure is a gigantic bong. (Edit: I was mistaken, as Po is actually wielding a machete or club of some sort. The bong is actually on Laa-Laa's head.) The dance moves are a bit off, too. All in all, though, I think creator Merfish has done a wonderful job capturing both the look and the spirit of the Teletubbies, and I applaud him for his efforts.

Thanks, VG247.

Andy Chalk

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