Here's a good deal on a 4K QLED TV that won't take up much space

Samsung TV Black Friday deal
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Samsung Q60A

Samsung Q60A TV | 32-inch | QLED | 4K | 60Hz| $499.99 $399.99 at Samsung (save $100)
This QLED TV makes for an excellent second screen for streaming and playing some games at 4K/60FPS. The picture quality also makes it a good TV for an office or bedroom. Yeah, it's a bummer it doesn't support 120Hz at 4K, but it's not too big of a loss if you don't have the hardware to reach those heights. 

With Black Friday upon us, lots of folk are going to be searching for the best Black Friday PC gaming deals and splashing out on things like massive 4K TVs—but bigger isn't always better. If you want a second screen for gaming, a TV for your bedroom or office, or if your living room won't fit a 60-inch behemoth, then this 32-inch Samsung Q60A QLED TV might be exactly what you're looking for. And it will only set you back $399.99, saving you $100. 

After you've set up the TV, which will be a bit easier thanks to its light weight, the vibrancy of the screen and high picture quality should make you quickly forget about its small size. The audio quality is similarly good, so you won't need to shell out for a soundbar like you have to with so many otherwise excellent TVs these days.

There are some extra bells and whistles for gaming, too, like the automatic low latency mode and a variety of settings like Super Ultrawide GameView (only for PC games) that will help you fine-tune the image. There's also a menu, the Game Bar, that lets you check input lag, FPS and other performance metrics.

The one downside is that it's a 60Hz TV, but that shouldn't be an issue unless you've got the hardware that can help you reach higher frames at 4K. Even after enjoying games running at over 100 fps for a while, I honestly can't say I notice that difference that much after 60, so this shouldn't be a deal breaker.

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