Here's a first look at gameplay from Layers of Fears

We've now got a look at gameplay from the new Layers of Fears, the remake, expansion, and compilation of Bloober Team's 2016 and 2019 horror games. It's simultaneously a remake of the old games, incorporating everything they and their DLC had, and a expanded remake adding new story and gameplay. Layers of Fears is rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5, so it'll be a lot prettier.

The trailer was shown off today at GamesCom, at the Future Games Show. Layers of Fears is set to release in early 2023.

Bloober Team previously called Layers of Fears a "psychological horror chronicle" when they revealed it back in June. They promised to enhance the "psychedelic experience fans know and love." I, for one, just want to applaud them for going with the ridiculous and good but not very search friendly title Layers of Fears.

The gameplay trailer shows off rich environments, with the chain-filled hallways and awful visages of the painterly protagonist's mind. It's rife with the kind of shaky, unsteady movement you expect from horror games in our era, pointing directly at that Bloober Team promise to enhance the psychedelic aspect.

Doors catch fire as we approach them, walls shift and change.  The humble painter's canvas is revealed with a dramatic musical sting. It's a great introduction to the primary themes of the horror series for new fans, and probably a real litmus test for past ones as to whether they want a remake in the first place.

You can find out more at official website

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