How to destroy Fuel Silos and Rogue Research Stations in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Fuel Silos - Soldiers stabbing a flag in a bug
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Working out how to destroy Fuel Silos and Rogue Research Stations in Helldivers 2 is a bit of a challenge at first. Should you use the explosive barrels scattered around the area? Do you use a grenade? Or even an Orbital bombardment? Luckily, the game gives you everything you need to blow up these structures without digging into your own precious Stratagems.

If you've just joined the Helldivers, then you might want to know about using Boosters to buff your squad, or even the best Stratagems worth saving up your credits for. Wherever you're at, here's how to blow up Fuel Silos and Rogue Research Stations to complete those objectives.

How to destroy Fuel Silos and Rogue Research Stations

Though these two objectives are a bit different, they pop up on a variety of worlds in Helldivers 2 and have the exact same solutions. There are two ways to destroy either of these structures:

  • Summon a Hellbomb through your Stratagems, place it near the building you need to destroy, and activate it.
  • Call down an Orbital bombardment such as Precision Orbital Strike or any other explosive Stratagem intended for destroying structures.

To make the Hellbomb Stratagem appear in your menu, you first need to get close to the structure you have to destroy. Similar to those objectives where you need to call down an item to use, you'll have to enter the Hellbomb input and then throw it near the structure in question. Check your map to make sure which exact building you need to destroy—with Rogue Research Stations there are multiple scattered around, but you only need to wreck the right one to complete the task.

Once the Hellbomb lands, enter the directional code on its interface and then hoof it out of there. Before long the bomb will detonate in a massive explosion, completing the objective, and killing any unwitting teammates who were looking for samples.


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