Halo Infinite's Monster Energy promotion gives you double XP for a game coming out in 2021

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Halo Infinite has been delayed until 2021, but thankfully you can still experience some of the marketing hype that would have preceded its launch. The best part of any big game launch, after all, is seeing your favourite characters emblazoned on packets of microwavable pasta and cans of energy piss. 

You might have already spotted Master Chief on cans of Monster Energy, each of them containing a tiny part of his soul. They're on sale in the US now and will be appearing in the UK next month. Not only will you get a can that will undoubtedly become a collector's item, you'll also get your hands on a double XP code that you'll be able to use at some point next year. 

The decision to delay Halo Infinite was made quickly, and presumably the Monster Energy promotional gears were already grinding away, so it was too late to hit pause. Since you can't use them now and you'll inevitably have forgotten all about them by next year, you can instead redeem the code over at Halo Waypoint and bank it for later. When Halo Infinite launches, you'll get the boost. 

Each code will net you 30 minutes of double XP, and you can use multiple codes. You'll also get some ugly Monster Energy weapon skins and emblems. The first eight codes will unlock the XP bonus and the skins, and after that you'll just get the XP. 

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

To get all this, you'll first need to visit the promotional site and submit your receipt, which will also add you to a a giveaway with prizes that include 200 Xbox Series Xs and a zero gravity flight.

Although the weapon skins use Monster Energy's colour scheme, they aren't obviously branded. Unlike Death Stranding, I don't think we'll be seeing Master Chief knocking back a can of Monster Energy to give him the fuel he needs.

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