Here's when the Halo Infinite Winter Update releases in your timezone

Halo Infinite Winter Update - Two Spartans in multiplayer
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

The Halo Infinite Winter Update has been a long time coming, and brings with it some of the features the game should've launched with back in 2021. Campaign co-op was supposed to release in August and has had a somewhat troubled development, but the mode is finally arriving with this update.

The highly anticipated Forge is also dropping in beta, and as with previous iterations, it'll let players build their own maps for use in custom game modes. On top of that, there's a variety of new content and in-game tweaks. Here, I'll explain the Halo Infinite Winter Update release time based on your region, so you know when you can load it up for yourself.

Halo Infinite Winter Update release time 

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

The Halo Infinite Winter Update arrives on November 8 for most regions at the usual weekly reset time. Here's when that is based on your timezone: 

  • US EST: 1 pm EST 
  • US PST: 10 am PST
  • UK: 6 pm GMT
  • Europe: 7 pm CEST
  • Tokyo: 3 am JST (November 9th)
  • Australia: 5 am AEDT (November 9th)
  • New Zealand: 7 am NZDT (November 9th)

You can see the full breakdown of every timezone in the image from 343 Industries above. Of course, this time may vary a little if there are any technical issues, and depending on how many players log on for the update, servers might be a bit packed.

What's in the Halo Infinite Winter Update? 

The Winter Update is the most significant dose of content that Halo Infinite has received since the game was launched. Not only does it contain the long-awaited campaign co-op mode, it'll also include the beta version of Forge so you can start designing your own maps. There is also the Covert One Flag multiplayer mode, new maps, and a free battle pass with which you can earn cosmetics. You can see the full roundup of content in the video above. 

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