Guild Wars 2 update - the Sky Pirates to descend next week

Players across Guild Wars 2 may be busy bashing dragons , but that isn't going to delay ArenaNet's update train. Next stop: The Sky Pirates of Tyria - a continuation of the story that kicked off with a murder at the Dragon Bash festival. ArenaNet explain the "Pirate" part, promising that you'll be taking "the fight" to them. What's less clear is the "Sky" part. What's even up there for them to pillage?

"Lion's Arch is in chaos following a murder at the Dragon Bash," explains the press release. "Inspector Ellen Kiel is spearheading the investigation and is gathering teams of deputies to capture the perpetrator. Players will need to sharpen their weapons and skills to track down the slippery culprit responsible for the crime."

In addition to the "Living Story", which brings new story dungeon Aetherblade Retreat, the update also introduces a permanent scavenger hunt. Sea of Sorrows has the player searching for clues to find 12 plaques across Lion's Arch.

Aside from content, players can expect a rebalancing of certain systems - most dramatically: Skills and Traits. ArenaNet say that every profession trait line will see changes, with "less popular" skills also getting a buff. Finally, Custom PvP Arenas and Spectator Mode are coming out of beta, and will be made available to all players.

The Sky Pirates of Tyria will be released on June 25th. More info will be made available on the Guild Wars 2 update page .

Phil Savage

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