Guild Wars 2 pre-orders now available

A few weeks back we outlined a few incoming Guild Wars 2 pre-order deals . Those pre-orders are now LIVE on the Guild Wars 2 site . Look, there's even a trailer to prove it.

If you'd rather get your pre-order from a shop, you can find a list of the shops that will let you do this here . The expensive Collector's Edition that comes with a statue of Charr hero Rytlock Brimstone won't be sold everywhere, so if you're hunting the special edition, check out the stores with CE marked next to the name on that list. Pre-purchasing will also grant you access to all the beta weekends set to run between now and Guild Wars 2's launch.

Otherwise, read on for a list of the items contained within each pre-order version, including the standard edition, digital deluxe edition, and that great big collector's edition, which must be worth all that money because it comes in a super-special METAL BOX.

The Standard/Digital Edition:

  • Guild Wars 2 serial code (to activate the game at launch)

  • Guaranteed access to Guild Wars 2 beta events

  • Three day 'headstart' access to Guild Wars 2 at launch

  • Exclusive 'Hero's Band' in-game item

Digital Deluxe Edition

  • Guild Wars 2 game

  • Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill – lets you summon a wolf for a time in combat

  • Rytlock Miniature – an in-game statue of Rytlock

  • Golem Banker – lets you access your bank from anywhere for five days

  • Chalice of Glory – grants a one-time boost to glory earned in PvP

  • Tome of Influence – a one-off boost to your guild's influence, which can be used to buy guild vaults and emblems

The Collector's Edition:

  • Everything in the Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe editions, plus:

  • A 25 centimetre hand-painted Rytlock Brimstone statue wielding a flaming sword

  • 112 page Making of Guild Wars 2 hardback book

  • Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD

  • A custom art frame complete with portfolio and five Guild Wars 2 art prints

  • Collectible Metal Box

Guild Wars 2 is the most hotly anticipated MMO of the year. Chris got to visit ArenaNet recently to really get stuck into it and see if it's got the chops to shoulder all that anticipation. For a good look at how it's shaping up, check out this hour of commentated dungeon footage from the event, ArenaNet's comments on microtransactions in Guild Wars 2 and our look at the World vs World vs World PvP

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