Watch 45 minutes of Guild Wars 2 dungeon footage, plus commentary!

After this, no-one will dare suggest that I don't love setting things on fire. They may freely suggest, however, that I am not actually a seven foot tall cat person. Or very good at Guild Wars 2.

While I was at ArenaNet last week I recorded a full run of Guild Wars 2's Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon in story mode, and Tim and I would like to talk you through it. It's 45 minutes long, but we've helpfully provided links to skip to specific boss fights - both within the video and below. You can find out more about Guild Wars 2's high-level content by checking out our dungeons preview . This video is also a good opportunity to see Guild Wars 2's unique take on RPG class roles in action - read what the game's designers had to say about it here .


Chris Thursten

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