GTA V OpenCamera plugin dramatically enhances video creation

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Do you use the Rockstar Editor to make Grand Theft Auto 5-powered videos, or perhaps just to poke around behind the scenes? Then you might want to take a look at the openCamera plugin for GTAV, which our resident modding expert says is "a pretty cool thing" for aspirant digital filmmakers.

OpenCamera is an ASI plugin that removes the "Free Camera" boundaries in the Rockstar Editor. "With openCamera installed, you will be able to move the camera far away from the player position and make a video you want without limitation," its creators wrote in the plugin description.

The plugin requires ASI Loader, and a hefty chunk of drive space and RAM—insufficient amounts of either can apparently cause crashes. It must be installed during both editing and rendering or else the camera position will be reset, and it does not increase the recording area in the game, so things might get a little wonky at great distances.

Despite those limitations, the before-and-after video makes it look quite impressive, and our man in Amsterdam isn't the only one enthusiastic about it: Comments on the YouTube page are, for now at least, unanimously excited about it as well. Scoop it up at


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