GTA radio host Lazlow leaves Rockstar

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Lazlow Jones, who's been keeping us company on our drives through Grand Theft Auto's cities for the last two decades, has left Rockstar Games. 

Best known as the prolific in-game radio host, Jones started out scripting and hosting Chatterbox FM for GTA 3 and became a permanent fixture right up until GTA 5, where he also hosted the Fame or Shame TV talent show. 

Jones' influence on the series went beyond lending his voice to the games, however, and he served as a writer, director and producer. Over the years, he's worked on trailers, streams and GTA's in-game animated shows, as well as directing voice actors and writing dialogue. He also contributed to Red Dead Redemption 2, along with other Rockstar games.

Spotted by the Gtamen YouTube channel, Jones has updated his LinkedIn profile and apparently left Rockstar back in April. He didn't give a reason for his departure, but in an Instagram post he discussed becoming the primary care giver for his sister, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. The pandemic has made the situation "radically difficult," he said.

Jones left Rockstar just a month after co-founder Dan Houser's exit, back in March. Now he's working on several projects, according to his LinkedIn profile, including Disney and Netflix shows. He's also consulting for an unnamed videogame company, as well as collaboring with a Comedy Central writer and a former Dreamworks director.


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