Where to spot the UFO in GTA Online

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 There's a spooky UFO limited-time event live in GTA Online right now, where you'll need to ditch your fancy cars in search of otherworldly vehicles. The event runs until October 21, so there's still a few days to find the UFO across various locations ahead of the rumoured UFO Halloween event, so let's see where you're off to. 

Where to find the GTA Online UFOs 

UFOs can be found in Los Santos and San Andreas. If you played Red Dead Redemption 2, you might remember a UFO encounter—this event is pretty similar in nature. There are a few spawn points for the UFO, so let's take a look at where you're going.

For the first location, head over to the cape west of Mount Chiliad. It's south of Paleto Bay, and west of Paleto Forest on a little area that sticks out from the rest of the coastline.

You'll only be able to access the event at night between 10 pm and 3 am in-game. Don't be sitting up late at night IRL, my dudes. When you're on the beach, look up into the sky and you'll spot the UFO. If you miss it, leave the area for a few mins then pop back, once again checking the sky. 

You can also potentially spot it off the north shore of the island to the right of Paleto Bay, near the crashed UFO and at the peak of Mount Chiliad. There's also the Alien Camp to the east of Sandy Shores—seems a little obvious, but okay—as well as the lighthouse east of Grapeseed.

The last spooky place you can head to is the radio tower in the Altruist Camp in the Chiliad State Mountain Wilderness area. Obviously, you'll want to bring a guest with you for this one otherwise it could make your UFO spotting experience a little dangerous. If you need a visual guide, check out this video from Hackii above.


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