GTA Online dataminers uncover second Red Dead Redemption 2-themed weapon

Last year, Grand Theft Auto 5's Chiliad Mystery hunters discovered alien life in San Andreas. Now, it seems the same datamining group has uncovered GTA Online's second Red Dead Redemption 2 weapon: the as-yet-unreleased stone hatchet. 

Similar to its RDR 2 golden revolver counterpart, the stone hatchet appears to be unlocked via a treasure hunt, this time handed down by Maude Eccles. The Game File Gurus sent us the following footage of the hunt in motion. 

Within, players are tasked with visiting five random spots on the map, capturing or killing targets, and then visiting a sixth location where the axe is found inside a chest. Look, see:

Once in possession of the stone hatchet, completing a series of tasks will unlock the same weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2. At present, RDR 2 remains a console exclusive—but if there's anything in this Linkedin mishap, perhaps we're allowed to get our hopes up. 

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In any event, the RDR 2-themed hatchet isn't officially live in GTA Online. The Game File Gurus did however unlock the first easter egg ahead of its official launch, so I suspect this one will also enter the fold sooner rather than later.