GTA 5 Project London mod is a work-in-progress map overhaul

Despite how the header image above may be construed, "England vs Scotland" as featured in KieranMerrilees' GTA 5 Project London mod pertains to the national football (soccer) teams and not an inter-British Isles battle royale. 

The mod itself is a work-in-progress project of Merrilees' that's been in the works for the past several months. At present it recreates famous London landmarks in Grand Theft Auto 5, but in time hopes to "eventually do a full map overhaul… with British textures [that] give it a London look." 

For now, Project London includes Heathrow Airport, St Thomas Hospital, The Royal London Hospital, a few London Fire Brigade stations, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. 

Some of those feature in the following screens: 

Further down the line, Merrilees aims to finish creating Heathrow, and introduce London hotels, London bus stops, and "many other things" in their quest to reimagine the UK capital in the sprawling open world sandbox. 

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