GTA 5 PC gets 4k support and first person mode

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The PC iteration will be the most visually impressive version of GTA 5, according to CVG's latest hands-on account. GTA 5 will run at 4K resolution on PC, and all 'next gen' versions of the game will include a fully-supported first person mode, complete with modeled car interiors and proper first-person shooting.

As Dan mentions in his preview, "It's not just a case of plonking a new camera within a character's head, just because they could, but an extensive rework of the game's movement, driving and targeting engines. There are thousands of new animations for gun reloading alone, no to mention the first-person views of parachuting, carjacking etc."

First-person extends to GTA's sandbox online mode, which creates space for proper FPS modes within GTA. Multiplayer heists—a long awaited feature for console players—are also nearing completion.

There are also 20 new forms of wildlife, including cats, which CVG confirm can be killed (the MONSTERS). The soundtrack includes 100 extra tracks including something from The Backstreet Boys. There's a luscious new lighting engine and extra detail everywhere, as you'd expect from a version of the game unshackled by Xbox 360 and PS3 hardware. Also, you can one-shot trucks with the new rail gun.

GTA V o'clock called the first-person mode a few weeks back, and you'll find more speculation and analysis about the upgraded 'next gen' version in the latest episode. Once you're done there, you might also want to check out Andy's slightly more sedate guide to playing GTA V without breaking any laws.

Here are a few new shots of the first-person mode. You'll find more over on CVG.

GTA 5 fp 1

GTA 5 fp 3

GTA 5 fp 4

GTA 5 fp 2

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