GTA 5 mod brings The Lion King to Los Santos with hilarious effect

There's not much you can't do in Grand Theft Auto 5's pseudo LA cityscape Los Santos. Golf, tennis, jet skiing, parading around as the Incredible Hulk, taking to the skies as a fire-breathing dragon—be it through the base game's multitude of leisure activities or its wealth of user-made mods, the world is pretty much your oyster. Now, it's even possible to roam the hills of Mount Chiliad as The Lion King's Simba. 

That's thanks to MrMarco1003's The Lion King Pack for GTA 5 which adds a host of characters from Disney's 1994 animated film, including: Timon, Pumbaa, Ed, Shenzi, Banzai, Kiara, Nala, Scar, Mufasa, and Rafiki—not to mention Simba in both adult and junior form. 

Like many of the more outlandish GTA 5 mods out there, The Lion King Pack is one which needs to be seen to be properly believed. And even then it's pretty special. Observe:

Creator MrMarco notes that The Lion King pack requires the AddonPeds script mod to function, and that as Mufasa, Scar and adult Simba replace deer in-game, you're required to use one at a time. MrMarco also points out the character models have been taken from Kingdom Hearts 2, so there's a chance this one may not be around forever. 

If you're interested in learning more about The Lion King Pack mod for GTA 5, head in this direction.