GTA 5's finest superhero modder is finally adding a villain: the Green Goblin

We've now become used to prolific modder JulioNIB and his regular creation of superhero mods in GTA 5, from Iron Man to Superman to Ghost Rider (not to mention his fine work in bringing aspects of other games, like Watch Dogs' hacking kit and Just Cause's grappling hook, to GTA 5 as well). In a refreshing change of pace, JulioNIB is finally bringing a supervillain to Los Santos: the Green Goblin.

In the video above you can see the mod, which is currently a work in progress, in action. The biggest feature is the Goblin's glider, which speeds him through the city, features both missiles and guns, and has some nasty spikes mounted on the front. Those spikes aren't just for show: you can use them to impale people and carry them off.

Best of all, the Goblin's glider has its own AI: dismount and it'll follow you around, acting as a hovering metal bodyguard. Featured at 03:25 in the video, it goes hog-wild on the cops, impaling one, firing at others, and even taking down a chopper on its own as the Goblin casually strolls around the streets on foot. Naturally, the Goblin has his own attacks in the form of pumpkin-related bombs: slicer bombs, carpet bombs, and burst bombs.

If you subscribe to JulioNIB's Patreon you can gain access to his in-progress mods such as the Green Goblin. Otherwise, you can check his site to see when it's been fully released. The Goblin Armor in the video can be found here, in case you want to gear up in anticipation. And, if you're still playing GTA 4, JulioNIB has made plenty of mods for that, too.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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