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Watch what happens when Michael gains Superman's powers in this GTA 5 mod

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Veteran GTA modder JulioNIB is at it again, bringing a new superhero into GTA 5. This time it's Superman, and in the video above you can see what happens when Michael becomes the Man of Steel and takes on some gang members with super speed (represented as slow motion), flight, and heat vision.

Also note how the bullets spark when they hit him: one of the many perks of being an indestructible alien.

The script is a work in progress, though in his post JulioNIB states that he expects it to be playable within two or three weeks. Patreons can get access a week earlier, however. In addition to the Kryptonian's powers shown in the video, you can also expect Supe's wind-blow attack, super strength for throwing cars around, and special vision modes: x-ray vision, perhaps?

We'll keep an eye on the mod's progress and let you know when it's out.

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