How to find and use the Naut disguise in GreedFall

Greedfall naut disguise
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Where is the Naut disguise in GreedFall? Y'know, the one that you need to complete that pesky GreedFall Coin Guard Merchandise quest? How do disguises work in GreedFall anyway? Fortunately, there are two answers to the first question and a surprisingly easy (but easily overlooked) answer to the third. 

We've got the details for you on how GreedFall's disguise system works and how to go about obtaining your first one: that Naut disguise.

Where is the Naut disguise in New Serene?

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In one of GreedFall's first quests, Coin Guard Merchandise, you'll want to find a Naut disguise to avoid fighting a bunch of sailors on their own turf. There are two places to score a free Naut disguise on Serene's docks:

  • In a chest inside a building called the 'Storeroom' at the southwest corner of the docks.
  • In a chest on the second floor of the Harbormaster's Office.

The sailor's coat in the Storeroom is easy enough to find. No one will prevent you from entering the building, so it's the quickest and easiest way to find one. If for some reason you need a second Naut disguise, you can also nab one from a chest in the Harbormaster's Office. 

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This one is a bit trickier and requires sneaking (if you aren't already wearing the disguise from the Storeroom, that is). On the east end of the docks, find the Harbormaster's Office. Instead of entering the front door, sneak around to the back door. Once inside, a set of stairs immediately to your right lead to the second floor. Watch out for the two Naut guards in the building: one on the first floor where you enter and the other in the room at the top of the stairs. 

On the second floor, ignore the chest near where the guard is patrolling; That's not the one you need. Take a U-turn around the stair's handrail to enter the bunk room in the back. Directly to your left when you walk in is an unlocked chest with another Sailor's Coat that qualifies as a Naut disguise.

How do disguises work in GreedFall?

Early in GreedFall you discover that you can get into areas owned by other factions by dressing up as one of their own. With plenty of armor types available, it can be difficult to parse which pieces count as a disguise, apart from guessing based on the piece's look and name. A Sailor's Coat is easy to peg as Naut uniform, but what about an Old Doublet? There's an easy way to tell which armor serves as faction uniforms for disguise purposes if you know where to look.

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Only torso armor pieces count as disguises. Each one has a small symbol in its equipment details that marks the faction it belongs to. You're looking for the small heraldry symbol at the bottom of the equipment's details just to the left of its cost and weight. Unfortunately, there's no accompanying text, so you'll just have to memorize the faction symbols. Here's a refresher if you don't have them down yet:

  • Congregation of Merchants: A blue chevron and gold coins on a white field
  • Coin Guard: Two white sabers on a blue field
  • Nauts: A gold symbol on a blue field
  • Natives: A white spiral inside a diamond
  • Bridge Alliance: A gold lion on a blue and green field
  • Theleme: A gold sun on a red field

That's everything you need to know about GreedFall's disguises and where to get your first one. Just make sure you equip that Sailor's Coat before strolling uninvited into the Nauts' private docks.

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