Grand Theft Auto 5's Liberty City mod teases fresh images

As Andy reported back in January, the creators of GTA's OpenIV modding tool are bringing Liberty City as it appeared in Grand Theft Auto 4 to GTA 5. Back then not much beyond the teasiest of teasers was available, however it was understood that LC would exists in tandem with Los Santos —instead of replacing it—just a short plane journey away. Its creators now reckon a spring/summer launch this year is likely and have now dropped some new images

The following shows off the game's Algonquin and Broker Bridge areas, as well as a look inside one particular building and a view of the Liberty City skyline from afar. 

The OpenIV team also teased a number of screens towards the end of January which I myself missed at the time. There's quite a few—the full list of which can be viewed here—however here's a handful of my favourites:  

All going well, we should be able to wander Liberty City as Franklin, Trevor or Michael in the spring or summertime of this year.