Grand Theft Auto 5 wallpaper art released; Kavinsky along for the NightRide

Here's a couple of scraps of GTAV info, which, I suspect, is about as much as we can hope from the generally tight-lipped Rockstar in the run up to the game's "Q2" release.

Firstly, Rockstar dropped a big art-dump over the weekend, rendering their trademark illustrations in a variety of wallpaper-friendly resolutions. The pics feature a selection of the locations and vehicles you'll find throughout Los Santos, as well as the three confirmed protagonists. You can find the full collection here .

Secondly, details are starting to emerge about potential radio stations and artists to be included in the game. A French columnist tweeted about a station called NightRide FM, featuring the 80s obsessed Kavinsky. Whether he's due to appear as the station's DJ or just as a featured song is unclear, but Kavinsky backed up the claim with the simple tweet "NightRide FM".

Best case scenario? NightRide turns out to be a Drive-like 80s-inspired song list featuring Kavinsky's own Nightcall . It would certainly be the perfect accompaniment to some night time cruising through the city's streets.

What we still don't know for sure is whether GTAV will make it to PC. Despite an enthusiastic petition campaign, no official announcement has been made. I'm assuming, based on previous games, that we'll see it six to twelve months after the console boxes. Here's hoping its sooner rather than later or, like Red Dead Redemption, not at all.

Thanks, Attack of the Fanboy and Kotaku .

Phil Savage

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