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Grab some strategy board games from Amazon for up to 50% off today only

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Yeah, video games are great and all, but did you know there are games you can play in real life? With other people in person? If you're interested in picking up a few strategy board games, Amazon has a ton of them on sale for today only.

Some of the most popular games on sale include One Night Ultimate Werewolf (self explanatory), Outfoxed! (a family-oriented whodunit game), and Forbidden Island (a treasure hunt for 2-4 players). One title from our best board games list—Pandasaurus Games Wasteland Express Delivery Service, which we described as "the baby of Mad Max and Rage 2,"also made it into the sale.

You can find the full list of still-live deals below. All of these expire at midnight tonight, or whenever stock runs out.

Save up to 50 percent on strategy games at Amazon
Grab some real-life games on sale for when you're tired of playing video games.
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