Grab 32GB of excellent G.Skill RAM for $165

Grab 32GB of excellent G.Skill RAM for $165
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As I discovered in some recent testing, RAM capacity and speed can make a significant difference to gaming performance, especially under some specific conditions. If you're working with a GPU that has limited VRAM, for instance, pumping up your system memory (and its frequency) can unlock a lot of horsepower. Luckily, memory prices have continued to fall, and this G.Skill RAM, 32GB at Newegg for $164.99 after promo code 'EMCTYVB25', is a great opportunity to give a future-proofing boost to your machine. 

The package on sale is clocked at 3000MHz with 16-18-18-38 timings, falling nicely into the mid-pack of the current RAM-speed spectrum. It's also equipped with RGB light bars that will make a spectacle of your case's interior, if that's your thing (I tend to disable RGB wherever I can root it out, but I understand it's very in vogue right now, at least among PC manufacturers). Full disclosure: I paid almost as much for just 16GB of similar DDR4 just a few months ago, so this sale is filling me with some complex emotions. 

G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB DDR4-3000MHz is $164.99 at Newegg (opens in new tab)

G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB DDR4-3000MHz is $164.99 at Newegg (opens in new tab)
Future proof your machine with a 32GB kit of rock solid RAM from G.Skill at a fantastic price. Make sure to enter code 'EMCTYVB25' at the checkout to knock another $10 off the sale price.

A similar package from G.Skill holds the second slot on our best RAM for gaming buying guide, and the company has a reputation for making solid, reliable (if sometimes ostentatious) system memory, so you can have great, well-founded confidence in the product. This deal is only available until Thursday or until Newegg sells through their stock, so if you want it, jump on it.

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