Golden Joysticks 2011: the shortlisting

For the first time, this year's Golden Joysticks nominations have been made by a team of Future's fightiest editors, including our very own Tim. See him screaming, Official Playstation Magazine's Ben Wilson rending his garments in rage and Official Xbox Magazine's Jon Hicks hide under a table the video account above. It's far less traumatic than the real meeting used to decide the final nominees, but you get a good idea.

You can vote now over on the Golden Joysticks site . If you vote in all 14 categories, you'll be in with a chance to win a top of the range Alienware laptop , and all of the games nominated for prizes in the Golden Joysticks 2011.

Tom Senior

Part of the UK team, Tom was with PC Gamer at the very beginning of the website's launch—first as a news writer, and then as online editor until his departure in 2020. His specialties are strategy games, action RPGs, hack ‘n slash games, digital card games… basically anything that he can fit on a hard drive. His final boss form is Deckard Cain.