GOG is giving away the entire Shadowrun trilogy until Monday

Shadowrun Returns
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Goblinization day has come and passed, and sadly none of us have spontaneously turned into trolls or orks. Fortunately, GOG is letting us live our cyberpunk goblin fantasies by giving away all three entries in the Shadowrun Returns trilogy for the next few days.

GOG is currently in the closing days of its big summer sale, one that's packed with big discounts on absolute bangers (we've even compiled our own collection of the best ones to get you started). But until 1pm UTC on Monday, June 28th, you can also pick up Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut, and Shadowrun: Hong Kong for free.

Starting with Shadowrun Returns in 2013, Harebrained Schemes' revival of the classic tabletop setting was a solid, if technically underwhelming RPG—and by the time Shadowrun: Hong Kong closed the trilogy, the format was starting to show its wrinkles. But that middle entry, Dragonfall, is an all-timer, telling a stellar story of crime, intrigue and dragons in the heart of Berlin.

"I'm going to remember Dragonfall for a long, long time," T.J. Hafer wrote in our Dragonfall review. "When the topic of great RPG stories comes up, I'll mention it in the same breath as Dragon Age or Knights of the Old Republic. It may lack the flashiness and cinematic drama of a bigger budget production, but it lacks none of the heart."

All three can be picked up by heading to the GOG homepage by Monday, though you'll have to agree to sign up to the store's newsletter. And if plodding, story-heavy turn-based RPGs are still a bit too "modern" for you, worry not—GOG has also heavily discounted a whole bunch of ancient ZX Spectrum games.

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