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Gloomhaven, one of our favorite board games, is $87 this Black Friday

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We know you're not just searching for Black Friday PC gaming deals today; maybe you've got a board game itch to scratch, as well? When we're not PC gaming odds are good we've got a board game out, and considering how expensive these games can be, they make for good Black Friday grabs. 2017's Gloomhaven is one of the best board games around, and one of the priciest, and it's been knocked down to $86.50, shaving over $50 off Amazon's list price. There have been several discounts this year, but this is the most significant. 

Rarely found below $100, this is a great price for a brilliant (and giant) co-op RPG. It's playable solo, too, so you'll get use out of it even if you can't arrange frequent game nights. Players slip into the shoes of wandering adventurers clearing out dungeons full of traps and monsters. While sessions don't take too long, it's a persistent game with XP, loot and discoveries that send you to new locations.


Gloomhaven | $86.50 (save $20)
The brilliant, but expensive co-op RPG, has hit its lowest price on Amazon. Beat up monsters and fill your bags with loot in a persistent world. This is the lowest price we've seen it at.

There are plenty of D&D trappings, but there's no DM. The monsters are automated and players direct the story through their decisions, choose-your-own-adventure-style, which can also have an impact on future sessions. Combat, meanwhile, is tactical and card-based, and when the cards run out the party gets too tired to continue and has to run away.

Once your character has achieved their goals and completed their personal quest, you retire them and then you can unlock and new class and start another adventure as a new character. Often board games get played a couple of times and then just languish in a cupboard somewhere, but this is one you'll definitely want to keep revisiting. With a dedicated group, Gloomhaven can last for many, many quests.

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