Giants: Citizen Kabuto successor First Wonder hits Kickstarter

First Wonder

Kickstarter has mined your nostalgia pretty comprehensively over the last few years, but maybe you look back on...Giants: Citizen Kabuto with fondness? There are certainly not very many Shiny-like games around these days, so if developer Rogue Rocket can capture some of Shiny's famous wit and weirdness, they might be on to a winner.

Rogue Rocket are developing a spiritual successor to Planet Moon's third-person, RTSy, jetpacky shooter Giants: Citizen Kabuto, and Planet Moon co-founder Nick Bruty is at the helm. (He previously worked at Shiny, making games like MDK and Earthworm Jim.) It's called First Wonder, a name that makes me think of a particular brand of golden crisps, and it's now on Kickstarter for your monetary consideration.

Here's the pitch video:

And here's a bit more, from that Kickstarter page:

"The Cargonauts are a team of deep-space salvagers that come across an incredible fossilized creature: Monstro. They unwittingly deliver it to Planet Majorca, an intergalactic resort planet where the management intends to turn this huge fossil into the crown jewel of their extensive collection of artifacts from across the galaxy.

"Unfortunately for resort-goers, Monstro awakens and begins to wreak havoc across the planet. Is he a mindless beast, or is there a motivation behind the destruction? What is he up to, and what will happen if he’s allowed to fulfill the newly discovered prophecies of the planet? The Cargonauts don’t intend to find out."

What we can see in that campaign reminds me of a much more violent Pilotwings, only with guns, monsters, and both story and asymmetrical multiplayer modes. Rogue Rocket reckons First Wonder will be done late next year, providing it reaches its $500,000 funding goal.

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