Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer shows co-op modes, vision modes, exciting 'splodes

Ghost Recon Future soldier trailer thumb

It might not be a good idea to play with Ghost Recon: Future soldier's iPad application openly on the bus, or generally in public. It's about as close to "gun porn" as a no-nudity app is likely to get. The weapon customisation system lets you explode weapons into dozens of pieces, rotate them for inspection and then snap them all back together with a few hand motions like a fascinated, gun-lovin' Jedi.

The gunsmith app is one facet of Future Soldier's obsession with sensory war-gadgets and smeary vision modes. Utilising these in tandem during Future Soldier's four-player co-op modes could be rather satisfying. It's out now. You can check out the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier site for more details, or, if you're feeling brave, challenge yourself to sit through the entire Ghost Recon prequel film . Good luck.

Tom Senior

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