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The PC Gamer sale is now live, offering big discounts—up to 90%—on some of our favourite games. In this week-long sale we’ve included a wide range of titles, from classic adventures and interactive fiction to all-time greats like Spelunky and Thief. We've highlighted some of the very best. Grab 'em quick, the sale ends on Monday April 10.


A sci-fi horror game from the creators of Amnesia: Dark Descent that terrifies from start to finish. Beyond its harrowing cast of hideous monsters, duplicitous humans and hostile automatons, SOMA explores abstract themes of isolation, identity and consciousness—all of which are equally as horrifying as the things you can see, touch and, naturally, run in the opposite direction from. A masterstroke of survival exploration horror.  
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Her Story

Billed as “a video game about a woman talking to the police”, Her Story is an innovative detective game with a twisting story. You search an archive of short video clips, slowly piecing together events and learning more about the interviewee, played by musician Viva Seifert. It’s probably the best FMV game ever, and one of the few successful attempts to create an interactive movie.
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It scored 96 in our review, and earned our 2013 game of the year award. This roguelike platformer is darn near perfect. The procedurally generated levels are deliver endless challenge across four deadly worlds. Somehow, even a hundred hours in, the simple act of whipping a bat is fraught with danger—the corpse of the bat could fall, trigger an arrow trap, set off a boulder, anger a shopkeeper. Spelunky is a game of domino effects and systems-driven disaster that stays exciting for hundreds of hours.
85 percent off on GOG

Titan Souls

Titan Souls began life as a Ludum Dare Game Jam entry before being picked up by outlandish publisher Devolver Digital in 2014. One year on, the 2D open-world tactical adventure launched with a new engine, better visuals, and asked players to take on its cast of 16 brutally-unforgiving Titan bosses. Inspired by the likes of Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus, Titan Souls is a super-challenging, lovely-looking action-adventure game whose bite is harsher than its bark.   
75 percent off on GOG


VVVVVV celebrated its tenth birthday this year, yet it’s still one of the most wonderfully challenging puzzle platformers available today. Centred around one ‘simple’ mechanic, VVVVVV swaps jumping for gravity inversion and while its levels are minimalistic, its puzzles are in turn far from it. It prides itself for having “no locks, no power-ups, no switches” and suggests there’s “nothing to stop you progressing except the challenges themselves.” In theory this is true, but doing so in practice requires steely determination and the odd pinch/truckload of luck. As such, VVVVVV is a game which you’ll pick up and struggle to put down.   
73 percent off on GOG

Kentucky Route Zero Season Pass

An episodic point-and-click adventure and easily one of the best narrative series of all time. The first four of five proposed acts are currently available—each of which blends a gorgeous minimalist art style with incredible magical realism-inspired writing. Its choice-heavy structure sees players assuming the role of author as much as player or reader, and its ensemble of endearing and ever-evolving characters never fail to keep you guessing. With its fifth and final act included in this bundle whenever it arrives, the Kentucky Route Zero Season Pass at this price is an absolute steal. 
50 percent off on GOG

Hotline Miami 

One of the most brutally violent, subversive and stylish videogames ever made, Hotline Miami’s neon-bleached ‘80s video nasty aesthetic oozes cool. ‘Addictive’ is a word that gets tacked onto games too often, however Dennaton’s top-down shooter is exactly that—with every one-hit kill you suffer, instant restarts encourage frenzied repetition, accentuated by the game’s omnipresent and brilliantly hypnotic techno soundtrack. Hotline Miami revels in its hedonistic mess and promises some of the best shootout set pieces around.      
79 percent off on GOG

FTL Advanced Edition

Pick your crew and strike out into the galaxy in this exceptional tactical spaceship command sim. As you move between systems, chased by a fleet of imperial ships, you encounter fast-paced flourishes of interactive fiction that can grant you new crew members, cash and kit. Expect to die a lot as you face alien ships in nebulae and asteroid fields, but know that you can always start again and flee across a new procedurally generated section of space. FTL is a brilliant, moreish short-form game that everyone should try.
74 percent off on GOG

Samorost 3

Billed as Amanita Design’s "most ambitious experience to date", Samorost 3 is a loose continuation of its forerunners that's all a bit Studio Ghibli meets Tim Burton meets Pan's Labyrinth. A gorgeous and intuitive puzzle platformer, players are tasked with guiding a curious space gnome equipped with a magical flute throughout a host of gorgeous alien worlds, all complemented by a killer soundtrack. An indie gem if ever there was one.
60 percent off on GOG

Pathologic Classic HD Ice-Pick Lodge is hard at work reimagining its psychological cult classic Pathologic, however the developer also launched a shiny HD version of its 2005 original in 2015. At times almost incomprehensible but always brilliantly intriguing, it tells a tale of a dysfunctional society ravaged by plague where nothing is as it seems and no one is to be trusted. Entirely weird but overall awesome, Pathologic's twisted world begs to be explored. 
75 percent off on GOG


This cult platforming classic casts you as Raz, a kid  who has snuck into Whispering Rock Summer Camp to learn psychic arts. That involves diving into the brains of wrong ‘uns to unpick their mental baggage. Every mind is a vivid new world full of odd enemies and tons of jokes. A goofball wonder.
90 percent off on GOG

Jotun Valhalla Edition

Jotun is a stunning hand-drawn action adventure-meets-exploration game that's inspired by Norse mythology. Filling the boots of viking warrior Thora, you spend your time redeeming yourself in the eyes of the gods following an inglorious death. With entry to Valhalla hinged on your success, you'll do battle with a host of powerful bosses equipped with a two-handed axe and summoning divine power along the way. There's elements of Dark Souls, The Banner Saga and Zelda here, all wrapped up by Thunder Lotus Games' beautiful animations.
60 percent off on GOG

Tomb Raider 1, 2, and 3

The games that started it all. Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3 are now somehow almost 21, 20 and 19 years old respectively, yet their influence still underscores the action-adventure genre today. While a little rough around the edges now, revisiting the Tomb of Qualopec, Venice, Nevada and the likes is a joy, and that first run-in with the Lost Valley's T-Rex still terrifies. The series, and videogames in general, have come a long way since—but there is still much fun to be had in Lara Croft's earliest outings.  
74 precent off on GOG

Flame in the Flood

Flame in the Flood is an endearing roguelike survival-lite adventure that visits post-societal America. Foraging, crafting, and dodging predators, you'll spend much of your time here floating down the game's procedurally-generated river or knocking around on foot gathering resources and crafting tools as you stay one step ahead of the "coming rains". Crafted by a host of BioShock, Halo and Rock Band veterans, Flame in the Flood is a charming and captivating venture that's as charming as it is challenging.
50 percent off on GOG

80 Days

A beautifully written narrative game loosely based on Jules Verne’s Around The World in 80 Days. You play as Passepartout, assistant to an English gentleman who has taken a bet to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. You assist your master by making travel arrangements, choosing to move between cities on fantastical steampunk contraptions. As you travel you’ll meet people, become involved in local affairs, and generally have adventures in a superbly written world. An extraordinary, evocative work of interactive fiction.
49 percent off on GOG

Mushroom 11

The game Edwin described as "genuinely original", Mushroom 11 is a wonderful and innovative puzzle platformer that sees you molding an amorphous, manipulatable organism around a striking yet wholly weird industrial world. Filled with a range of head-scratching conundrums, each deftly designed set piece is only bettered by every hard-fought 'eureka' moment - each of which makes its hours of confusion worth it. "The ending is benign, but getting there is a bittersweet process in which you play the part of both saviour and devastator," says Edwin. "An emotive trajectory that delivers Mushroom 11 into the company of Braid and LIMBO." Faint praise that is not.
50 percent off on GOG


Hilarious sci-fi adventure with enormous personality and imagination. The combat and environments are starting to age, but there is nothing like Anachronox.
76 percent off on GOG

Thief Gold

This influential classic is still a great study in environmental design and player power. As the stealthy thief, Garrett, it’s hard to take on heavily armed guards head-on, but an array of custom arrows and a blackjack are all you need to evade threats and pinch the kingdom’s greatest treasures. Thief has aged, but it’s still remarkably atmospheric, and is rightfully recognised as one of the most important PC games of all time.
74 percent off on GOG

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