Get QUBE 2 and Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition free from the Epic Store

(Image credit: Bloober Team)

With a new week upon us, a pair of new games are now available for free from the Epic Games Store. First up, for the horror fans out there, is Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition, a first-person psychological thriller about family, madness, and a really deep appreciation of fine art.

The Masterpiece Edition includes the Layers of Fear: Inheritance DLC, which expands the base game with the story of the painter's daughter, who has returned to her childhood home to face her memories and "take part in the madness that her father bestowed upon the whole family." Sounds like fun times all around.

For those too young for Layers of Fear's M-rating from the ESRB (that's 17 and up, by the way), or who just don't care for horror, there is also QUBE 2, a geometric puzzle game released last year about an archaeologist stranded on a distant alien world. We called it a better looking and more complex game than the 2012 original (which was quite good in its own right), with puzzles that are more satisfying to solve.

I'm a day later than usual with this week Epic Games Store giveaway notification, which I wish I could attribute to an executive decision to codify Freebie Friday, calendar be damned. But the truth is, I just forgot—sorry about that. Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition and QUBE 2 are free for the taking until October 31, at which point they'll be replaced by Double Fine's Costume Quest and another horror game, SOMA. Grab them at

Andy Chalk

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