Get an Acer 27-inch 1440p monitor and G.Skill mechanical keyboard for $329

Over at Newegg, there is a really nice bundle deal available that pairs Acer's 27-inch XG270HU monitor with G.Skill's Ripjaws KM570 RGB mechanical keyboard for $329.

Part of what makes this such a nice deal is that the bundle price is actually cheaper than just buying the monitor by itself, which is currently on sale for $370. So, if you're interested in this monitor, you might as well go for the bundle even if you don't need the keyboard—you could always set it aside as backup, sell it, or give it away.

The keyboard is also on sale, for $79. If you were to buy these separately, it would run you $449.

Acer's monitor uses a TN panel with a 2560x1440 resolution at 144Hz. It also boasts FreeSync support, a 1ms response time, and an edge-to-edge frameless design. For connectivity, it has two DVI ports, an HDMI port, and a DisplayPort.

As for the keyboard, it uses Cherry MX Speed keyswitches built for fast-aced gaming. You can read about the different types of keyswitches here.

There are no dedicated macro keys on the Ripjaws KM570 RGB, though you can bind macros to any of the regular keys and save your settings to the plank's onboard memory. And of course it has RGB backlighting.

You can grab this bundle here.

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