Get a refurbished Corsair Gaming K70 mechanical keyboard for $60

Maybe you've read ad nauseam how wonderful the typing experience is on mechanical keyboards, but don't want to overspend on a plank to find out yourself. Or perhaps you already know all about mechanical keyboards and want to upgrade for somewhere south of $100. Either way, a refurbished Corsair Gaming K70 might be what you're looking for.

Newegg is selling the Corsair Gaming K70 in refurbished form for $70, plus you  can knock another $10 off by using promo code EMCSREBK5. That brings the out-of-pocket expense down to $60.

Obviously there is a risk with buying anything refurbished. Newegg gives you 30 days to return the keyboard for a refund or replacement. It's not clear if Corsair's 1-year warranty is in effect, though Newegg gives you the option of adding an extended 1-year replacement plan for $7, or 2 years for $13.

The Corsair Gaming K70 is in short supply these days, as it's been replaced by newer models with RGB lighting. This one features a red LED backlight and Cherry MX Blue key switches, which are the loud clicky ones—see our guide on mechanical key switches for more info.

Features on the Gaming K70 include six dedicated multimedia keys, USB pass-through, 100 percent anti-ghosting with 104 key rollver on USB, contoured and textured WASD and 1-6 keys, dedicated multimedia controls, and a soft-touch wrist rest.

You can grab the refurbished Corsair Gaming K70 here.

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Paul Lilly

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