Get a Corsair Vengeance K65 compact mechanical keyboard for $55

Mechanical keyboards typically carry a pricing premium over mushy membrane-based keyboards, but if you catch one on sale, you can make the upgrade without the sting to your wallet. Now is one of those times with Newegg offering up Corsair's Vengeance K65 for $55.

The Vengeance K65 is a compact keyboard without a dedicated number pad. It is also toned down in appearance compared to the crop of RGB keyboards out there—it has a gunmetal gray anodized aluminum chassis and no LED backlighting.

It's also minimal in its design in that it doesn't have any dedicated macro or gaming keys, though there are some multimedia buttons along the top-right section.

Underneath the keys are Cherry MX Red switches. They're not ideal for typists due to the lack of tactile feedback, but are light and quiet (you can read more about different key switch types here).

If this is what you've been looking for, head here to get it.

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Paul Lilly

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